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History Belongs To Intercessors!

By Dale Schlafer in the OMC about 1 month ago | 140 views Link:

In my time with the Lord this am I came across this powerful quote.

“When we pray we are not sending a letter to a celestial White House, where it is sorted among piles of others. We are engaged, rather, in an act of co-creation, in which one little sector of the universe rises up and becomes translucent, incandescent, a vibratory centre of power that radiates the power of the universe. HISTORY BELONGS TO THE INTERCESSORS, WHO BELIEVE THE FUTURE INTO BEING.If this is so, then intercession, far from being an escape from action, is a means of focusing for action and of creating action. By means of our intercessions we veritably cast fire upon the earth and trumpet the future into being.”(Walter Wink)

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Suzan Boyd

Thanks Dale  (and Walter), that is a very strong statement. It girds me up AGAIN, to keep praying , when I often hear the whispers of " you’re just an intercessor, DO something."

DrD Fife

And so it is!
May Hisgrace and peace fold you in His love.
Merry Christmas.
Dale and Eunice

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