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In a corporate 21 day fast from May 15th to June 4th?

  • State Report shows Florida herion deaths reached all-time high in 2014 - Tampa Bay Times
  • Manatee becomes death capital of Florida - 10 NEWS
  • “Herion Crisis is straining foster Care.” - Huffington Post
  • “We will not arrest our way out of this crisis. .” - Manatee Sheriff at 2017 Natioanl Day of Prayer

It is a vicious cycle that must be broken by the power of Jesus’ name!  Is this not a cry in the land and a call to God’s people to call on the name of the Lord?  

This is why we are calling the body of Christ to this regional corporate fast. Jesus said, “…these don’t go out except by prayer and fasting.” Matt 17:21. We believe that the regional Body of Christ can and should come together and seek the face of God and see this seemingly insurmountable mountain moved and even cast into the depths of the sea. “If My people who are called by My name…” 2 Chron7:14. The enemy is determined to destroy the destiny of our children and our state.  Will you join us in this fight?  Will you share this with your people so we can together thwart his plan?  

The dates are May 15th to June 4th and the type of fast is between you and the Lord.  Our prayer focus is the looming opiate addiction and the extended ramifications affecting our community.  Visit for daily prayer points and updates.

We have included a PDF copy of the flyer to hand out or include as a bulletin insert.

This effort is being coordinated by the Front.

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the Five Fold
Gary Crawford

Yes I am in.

Joy Schtakleff

Standing together… may the children of God cry out

Laura King

I’m in too

Mickie Farris

Revive prayer team will join. We been praying for this weekly as a team and daily in our prayer times. I will send my team the daily prayer points and updates. I will fast during this time and I was leave it up to the individuals members what they want to do
Mickie Farris, Manaree Revive Prayer Team Leader

Marlena Higgins

Me too!

Leah Eash

Yes I am all in!  Giants will Fall in Jesus Name!

DrD Fife

Praying and fasting.

Carey Higgins

Yes I’m in

the OMC

the OMC is a geographic area in west central Florida comprised of a community of believers who are committed to VISIBLE & PRACTICAL UNITY for the church of Jesus Christ in the OMC (John 17:20-25)

10 Counties:
Manatee (join)
Sarasota (no address) (join)
Highlands (no address) (join)
Hardee (no address) (join)
Lee (no address) (join)
Glades (no address) (join)
Charlotte (no address) (join)
DeSoto (no address) (join)
Other (no address) (join)
Cry Florida (no address) (join)

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